AHOY THERE STRANGER! Allow me to thank you for your visit today and let me explain who I am and what I do.


I am a PROGRAMMER. Yup, a programmer ;) You're gonna be browsing the site and see a lot of different stuff from projects I'm working on to artwork I've created. Please do not judge me by my artistic skills (or lack thereof). I simply ask that you judge me on the quality of my coding, my games design and perhaps a touch of consideration for my ambition and willingness to understand how the other half live (that's the REAL artists) as I delve into projects which require me to create my own assets, animations, sounds and more ..... alone.

Now that's out of the way ...... please click around my site. Enjoy your stay here. Take some things, browse some code, play some games ... but most of all ... have a GREAT DAY!


If you happen to be here to find out a little more about me then click the link or navigate yourself to the ABOUT ME section of the site for contact info and work related questions. Thanks again for popping by! read more




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